Natalia Kills was recently spotted playing bowling

Natalia Noemi Kerry, the famous singer, come actress popularly known was Natalia Kills was recently spotted playing bowling.


The celebrity Natalia Kills spotted in the company of unknown male counterpart at the Tenpin Castleford bowling alley situated in West Yorkshire. From our sources, it was evident the thirty-year-old celebrity is an amateur in the sport. Natalia Kills lost severally in the many attempts she made while enjoying the leisure activity. She managed to win two sets out of ten.Her male counterpart seemed to be a professional in the game and enjoyed the sport. On that occasion, the celebrity refused to take any photos or giving comments about the event. A quick follow up revealed that Natalia Kills had developed a passion or a hobby in the bowling activity. She has been in many other bowling alleys, within several undisclosed locations. What we cannot verify at the moment is whether Natalia Kills has adopted the sport as a full-time hobby or just a passing leisure activity. Some rumors have been going around that she has been training hard to beat the male counterpart she was with on the first occasion.

To make the activity even more interesting, Natalia Kills acquired proper bowling shoes. Bowling shoes are necessary for grip and stability in the bowling alley (Click here for the more info about bowling shoes). They help in enhancing your steadiness and even winning. Natalia Kills sought the services of a reputable bowling coach to help her upgrade her skills. The coach who preferred anonymity said she met with Natalia Kills three times a week. To be precise, they meet on Wednesday evening for one hour, Friday night for thirty minutes and during the weekend they can practice even for four hours. From us we wish Natalia Kills the best in bowling.