Natalia Kills Returns With New Band Cruel Youth & Debut Single ‘Mr. Watson’

"...Hey Mr. Watson, you're the only one that knows my favorite color, and its color blue". Natalia kills has been able to establish herself in this song as a powerful vocalist who knows exactly what is going on around her musically. This song reflects emotions many music lovers can relate with. Just like "Hatefuck", Mr Watson makes use of sweet melody and great sounding rhythm to drown you in an atmosphere that cannot be enjoyed if you have never been a situation where you had to blame yourself for being young, Naive and free. Mr Watson uptempo vibe can make for a very beautiful song for choreography. This song takes the depest part of the word betrayal and winds it up to provide solace and redemption. Sometimes you know you have done bad but you still believe that bad thing might be the only thing good enough for you. Mr Watson represents many vices which so many youths have given into and helps to highlight what it feels like when this vices are being taken as their only way for survival in this cruel world.

Natalia Kills

The Vocal dexterity of Natalia can be seen in a couple of places in this song. She makes this song very soulful yet rebellious in the sense that you can feel the repentance somewhere deep down but you can also sense the total submission to its power too. The engineering of this song helps to provide a more depth into the the emotions that the band tried to churn up. The possibility of having another song as compelling as Mr Watson is very high as we've seen that this band never stops. They keep delivering very solid and well thought out singles. If you love Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Ray and Adele, you'll definitely love to hear what this beautiful band has got. This song gives musch more than expected. It reminds me that in the end, we are, and can only be humans. Beautiful song!