This is what happened to Natalia Kills and Willy Moon

What happened to Natalia Kills? Where did this scandalous English singer and actress disappear? How did the controversy cloud after the X Factor disappear? Where is Willy Moon? Rel., Natalia herself did not disappear, she just got married! Except from joining in marriage, she joined in a band with her husband, Willy Moon. You can listen to them in Cruel Youth, a duo which has just released a new single. How things with Natalia Kills unfolded was a true miracle.

Natalia Kills

After a major drama, a contemporary witch-hunt and a sudden, controversial and mysterious escape from the New Zealand X Factor in 2015, Natalia Kills somehow managed to find the strength, will and a way to move on According to Natalia, her participation in the X Factor was an unpleasant and regrettable situation for her Actually, it was a regrettable situation for everyone, we believe. The singer herself claimed that leaving the show, leaving New Zealand and going back to NY was the best possible decision to make in that moment. She says that this decision had triggered some new, valuable and positive projects and new, brave decisions in her life. Result of her passion towards music, the scene and this lifestyle in general are both joining the new band and releasing their first single. Critics describe it as a very successful, surprising and shocking comeback. Natalia Kills got married, joined a band, released a single and... yes, let's not forget, changed her name! Officially, you can now find her under her new name - Teddy Sinclair.

After leaving New Zealand, Teddy Sinclair tried to improve her status by writing songs for Madonna and Rihanna. Impressive enough, we would say. However, Teddy decided to continue her career as a singer. The great comeback is marked by a "psychedelic lullaby", as Teddy herself describes the "'Mr. Watson" single. We liked it What do you think?

Natalia Kills - Mirrors

Kills' first single "Mirrors" has already reached the top 10 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland as well as no. 3 on the US Billboard Dance Chart and is being followed up by the release of "Free" ft. will I am which has just been added to The UK's Capital and Kiss radio stations while already climbing to no. 1 on Austria's iTunes.

Next, Natalia Kills prepares to unleash her dark pop on North America with the release of "Perfectionist" in 2 editions: a 10-song CD and 14-song Deluxe Digital edition including brand new song "Kill My Boyfriend" co-produced by Kills herself.

Opening for Katy Perry on her Midwestern US (as well as Latin American) concert dates, Kills and her bad-girl band "The Last Regrets" will be performing to North American audiences in August and headlining their own tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Fall.

Kills' vocal contributions have also been enlisted for collaborations with LMFAO on the latter's "Champagne Showers" follow-up to the world wide smash "Party Rock Anthem" as well as on forthcoming albums by British electro-pop artist/producer Frankmusik and hip hop-rock duo The Knux. The future looks darkly bright for Natalia Kills.